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ThePermaWeb is owned and operated by Michael Malone who has been professionally developing websites, printed publications and multi-media collateral since 1999. ThePermaWeb benefits from a strong core skill set as well as affiliations with many complimentary local businesses, international consultants and website developers.
Our business model is one of co-operation and collaboration. Most of our clients are acquired by one satisfied customer recommending our services to another business. We look forward to bringing your web or print project to fruition more efficiently than you ever thought possible.

telephone us to discuss your project, or fill out our project estimate form.

ThePermaWeb upholds green business principles in the following ways:

  • ThePermaWeb maintains a customized webserver in a state of the art data-center. Our provider has a triple wind energy offset policy. that means that for every kilowatt hour used by their operations, they invest in the production of three killowatt hours. So, when you host a site on ThePermaWeb your site is completely powered by renewable energy, and you can proudly display any or all of the banners on the right on your site.
  • Our home office is currently100% powered by solar energy. Our plans also include incorporation of the latest electric automobile technology into our systems so that our physical commuting  becomes virtually carbon neutral as well.
  • Our business makes every effort to reduce our consumption and waste, including recycling as much as possible, telecommuting etc.
  • Electronic archiving and proofing to reduce the use of paper.
  • Digital photography eliminates the need for harmful photo processing.
  • Open Source software solutions are used whenever feasible. Not only does open source software eliminate the software license purchasing and upgrading costs, it supports a movement on the cutting edge of "new paradigm" business models. Learn more about the “share and share alike” Open Source software development model.
  • By offering discounts to non-profit organizations, local and green businesses, ThePermaWeb supports new paradigms in our societal and business models. Checkout our Rates to see if your project qualifies for a discount.